PEARL PARADE RESIDENCES -   Architecture + Landscape

The proposed apartment houses 14 apartments in Scarborough on a long narrow and steeply sloping site located on the top of a hill with excellent views to the east and ocean glimpses.

The design intent was to provide a building which uses a mixture of materials which will reduce maintenance over time for the owners. Materials such as off formed concrete, galvanised steel and concrete blockwork were chosen to achieve this. Internal finishes were also chosen to cater for a beach lifestyle which was only 600m away.

Each apartments is also provided with significant access to views and large balcony spaces.


Site - Pearl Parade, Scarborough - Western Australia

Project Status – In Construction

Design Team – Justin Carrier, Steven Postmus, Jeremy Su, Client
General Contractor – Aurora Project Services Pty Ltd (Chris Bardsley)
Project Management - Aurora Project Services Pty Ltd (Chris Bardsley)
Structural Engineering - Peritas Group
Electrical - BEST Consulting
Hydraulic - Volume
Fire Engineering - Saracini Fire Engineering Group
Energy - The Study
Acoustic - Sealhurst

Project Year - 2013
Project Value - $3m+
Model – Rachel Pages-Oliver and Christopher Mewburn
Photographs - Douglas Mark Black Photography
Justin Carrier (all photographs subject to copyright)