MYAREE CERAMICS -   Refurbishment + Landscape

The recently completed showroom renovation for Myaree Ceramics began with the client‘s wish to modernize the façade to the entire building. The family, who had previously built the showroom decades earlier but felt it concealed rather than conveyed its modern wares and needed a renovation, including product placement to reflect their changing business and market.

A double storey metal curtain wraps the corner, signalling the shop’s material qualities and opens at the entry. Inspired by local artists and friends Stephen Neille and Jurek Wybraniec of SURF, the curtain is consciously ephemeral; veiling and revealing, providing bling, shimmer and mystery. Above, a new frieze and a podium below were clad in ceramic tile, along with a number of seating elements which concealed unsightly service connections.

The remainder of the building was rendered and painted white, with its decorative brickwork friezes simplified. The building’s curtilage at the existing colonnade was extended and refurbished with a decorative motif tile to provide an entry and transition from the adjacent carpark. A filtered wall adjacent further defines the entry, with a landscape courtyard behind.

The landscape coupled as a recreational space for the employees and as a showcase for the company’s external product range. Utilising the existing native Peppermint Trees, new low walling was introduced to engage with the trees and define a landscape courtyard, populated by tiled benches and seating podiums.

Being one of CAPA’s first realisations, this modest project reflects the studio’s aims of the developing an architecture and landscape in unity, connecting and dividing with clear thresholds in between.


Client - Myaree Ceramics

Site - Norma Rd, Myaree - Western Australia

Design Team - Carrier and Postmus Architects CAPA
Structural Engineering - Andreotta Cardenosa
General Contractor - Perth Custom Build
Materials Supplier - Myaree Ceramics and Locker Group

Project Year - 2014
Model - Chris Mewburn
Photographs - Douglas Mark Black
Justin Carrier (all photographs subject to copyright)