MT LAWLEY RESIDENCE -   Architecture + Landscape Design  

Following a feasibility competition to assess the merits of retaining/demolishing the existing residence, CAPA are developing a renovation/addition and landscape integration project. The design investigates the potential zoning of the site for formal office, master suite and family areas. The design will provide a number of layers to the existing bungalow residence, echoing and interpreting whilst positing new spaces rendered in light and interfaces with new landscape environments.


Site - Chelmsford Rd, Mt Lawley, Western Australia

Project Status – In progress

Design Team – Justin Carrier, Steven Postmus, Qian Yun Say
General Contractor – Hilbrand Constructions

Project Year - 2016
Model + Renderings (Schematic) – Qian Yun Say
Photographs - Justin Carrier (all photographs subject to copyright)