SWAN AGED CARE -   Landscape Multi-Residential (architecture by Hillam Architects and Silver Thomas Hanley)

The proposed Stage 5 addition for the Swancare Bentley Park Community provides a unique opportunity to develop landscape grounds that are both urban and intimate in scale and intent. The scope includes an urban PIAZZA, private garden, boundary plantings and new connections to existing landscapes.

The existing landscapes at Bentley Park are characterised by their eclectic mix of plant selection mixes and impressive collection of matures trees; both endemic and exotic. In principle, each of the buildings are set within a landscape setting, providing a cue for future landscapes.

The landscape design can be distilled into 4 key ideas:Urban, New World + Nostalgic and the Green Room. The scope for the landscape grounds include a private garden to the east (Jarrah Rd Garden) a communal green room to the the first floor (Sky Garden) and an urban square to the west (PIAZZA).

Jarrah Rd Garden
The Jarrah Road Garden is primarily structured by an avenue of tree plantings to the boundary, which provide filtered shade to the units below and a landscape experience for the upper level apartments. The garden, with secured access and concealed fencing within hedging, will allow private meandering and rest, whilst preventing access from the street. Boundary and verge planting selections are consistent with the previous stages of development. Plant selections will combine the urban scale of street avenue plantings with more intimate and nostalgic selections of colour and fragrance.

Sky Garden
A double volume height ‘Green Room’ communal gathering area to the first floor has been provided for the residents, structured around a significant sized tree.

The design for the PIAZZA has been developed to provide both contemplative spaces for the residents and an urban space for larger community events, providing connections from the entrance drop-off to existing and future proposed stages of development. Raised planters with seating edges and lawn areas are positioned for rest and recreation; waiting for loved ones at the entrance, playing games, family picnics and external terrace areas extending the resident’s recreational function areas. New trees have been sited in groupings to provide filtered shade in summer and provide structure to the openness of the PIAZZA. Ground and planter plantings reflect the overall landscape strategy of combining the modern with the nostalgic, with old world plantings combining with a modern articulation of waterwise native plantings.


Client - Swan Aged Care
Site - Bentley, Western Australia
Project Status - In Progress

Architect - Hillam Architects + Silver Thomas and Hanley
Landscape - Carrier and Postmus Architects CAPA
Contractor -

Project Year - 2014